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At Coffee Lovers 101, we are proud to have a diverse and passionate team dedicated to bringing you the best in coffee content, reviews, and community engagement. Please get to know the people behind the scenes who make it all happen.

Emma – Editor-in-Chief

Emma brings extensive experience from leading the editorial team at StrongMocha News Group. Her passion for coffee and attention to detail ensure that every article published on Coffee Lovers 101 is of the highest quality. Emma has a knack for discovering the latest trends and innovations in the coffee industry, making her an invaluable editorial team leader.

Jack – Content Creator

Jack’s creativity and love for storytelling were honed during his time at Candy Artisans, where he developed engaging content that captivated audiences. At Coffee Lovers 101, Jack creates compelling articles, reviews, and guides that keep readers returning for more. His unique perspective and flair for writing make every piece a delight to read as he explores the rich world of coffee culture and technology.

Sophie – Social Media Manager

Sophie has a proven track record from ByRetreat, where she successfully boosted their online presence and engagement. At Coffee Lovers 101, she manages all social media platforms, curating content that resonates with coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Sophie’s expertise in social media strategy ensures that the Coffee Lovers 101 community continues to grow and thrive, creating a vibrant and interactive space for all our followers.

Liam – Product Reviewer

With a strong background in product analysis from his previous work at Eat More Butter, Liam brings a meticulous approach to reviewing coffee appliances. His honest and thorough reviews help readers make informed decisions about their coffee gear. Liam’s dedication to quality and his love for coffee gadgets make him an invaluable asset to the team, providing trusted insights into the best products on the market.

Olivia – Marketing Specialist

Olivia comes to Coffee Lovers 101 with a wealth of experience from Cappuccino Oracle, where she spearheaded successful marketing campaigns. Her digital marketing and brand development expertise helps Coffee Lovers 101 reach a wider audience. Olivia’s innovative strategies and deep understanding of the coffee market drive the website’s growth and visibility, ensuring we connect with coffee lovers everywhere.

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