How to Get the Best Commercial Coffee Maker with Water Line Connection?

Top 5 Coffee Makers with Built-in Water Line

Getting The Best commercial coffee maker with water line can be a big step for some people mainly because it can be a little expensive than the traditional ones. 

However, the convenience it offers definitely worth the price especially if you brew a lot of coffee on a daily basis.

So to help you learn all about this impeccable machine, we have created this guide that also provides you with a list of best plumbed coffee makers. So without further ado, let’s get started:

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In simple words, a plumbed coffee maker or a commercial coffee maker with water line is a unique kind of coffee maker that is directly connected with the water line of a building.

The reason for that is to provide the machine with the direct water line so that there is no need to fill it up with water again and again.

Now the question is why would you need a direct water line coffee maker? Well, it is used in places where there is are a lot of people drinking coffee on a daily basis like a café or an office place.

You will often find the plumbed coffee maker in these places because it can be pretty hard to fill up the water tank of coffee maker again and again to make coffee.

Do Coffee Machines Need Plumbing?

How to Get the Best Commercial Coffee Maker with Water Line Connection?

Now that’s a question that’s debatable if you are getting a plumbed coffee maker for your home.

But if we talk about places such as restaurants, offices or community centers where there is a lot of need for coffee on a daily basis then yes, it will be highly beneficial to get this auto-fill coffee maker.

Since the coffee machine is directly integrated with your water supply, you will not make the effort of taking out the water reservoir, filling it and then putting it back a hundred times a day.

As soon as the reservoir is empty, it will be re-filled automatically. So this convenience makes the use of plumbing pretty convenient.

Things should Considered When Buying a Direct Water Line Coffee Maker:

  • Commercial coffee maker with water line can be pretty expensive so make sure that you get it from a reputed brand. We have created a list of best ones in later in this guide to help you.
  • Having a self-cleaning commercial coffee maker with water line can be very convenient
  • Make sure it has at least 10 cups of space in its water reservoir
  • Having auto on/off feature will help a lot
  • Make sure you perfectly understand how to connect it with the water line (check its tutorials on YouTube)
  • Stainless steel body will keep it in perfect shape even after years of heavy use

How Much Does a Plumbed Coffee Maker for Home Cost?

Before getting the water line integrated coffee maker, you need to keep in mind that these machines are expensive as compared to the typical coffee machines used in kitchens.

However, if you can manage to spend money on these machines, you might find them pretty useful and convenient especially if you want to drink freshly brewed coffee multiple times a day.

In terms of cost, you might get them for as low as $200 for basic models to a thousand dollars or more depending on the features, brand and quality.

There is no doubt that these coffee makers are a luxury item but if you have the money to afford one, you will certainly enjoy the convenience it brings.

Top 5 Coffee Makers with Built-in Water Line:

If you need a direct water line coffee maker that is not only cheap but also comes with a hoard of useful features then this one by Cuisinart is what you should opt for. This plumbed coffee maker also has a removable drip tray that makes cleaning a piece of cake and its self-cleaning feature takes most of the cleaning work off of your hands as well. Some of its prominent features are:

  • Comes with a 12-cup carafe
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • 54-ounce independent water reservoir
  • Different settings for a perfect coffee

A classic example of an integrated coffee machine, Brew Express BEC-110BS can not only be used with a direct water line but also without it. This makes it great for times when you want to make less coffee or if the water line is having problems and you need to make a coffee. The sleek design complements your kitchen and impeccable performance helps you make hot beverages that have out of the world tastes.

  • Integrated brewing feature for continuous brewing
  • Different types of brew sizes
  • The reservoir can hold up to 10 cups of coffee
  • Easy to connect with water line
  • Can work without water line as well

Definitely the best auto-fill coffee maker when it comes to medium-sized businesses. Its touch screen interface has great options to help you make the perfect coffee for everyone’s needs. Furthermore, its water reservoir can easily fit 18 cups of coffee and the benefit of refilling itself takes off a lot of hassle from your hands. Whether you need to make tea, gourmet coffee or hot cocoa, you can rely on this one. Some main features are:

  • Highly durable and can perform all day long
  • Colored touchscreen interface
  • Auto on/off functionality
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Five different brew sizes

4. Bunn coffee maker water line kit:

This one is definitely for professional use where you make hundreds or more coffee cups a day. The capacity of this one is 3.8 gallons which clearly suggests it is made to be used for big places with high demand for coffee. Furthermore, durable stainless steel material and minimalistic look definitely make it perfect for any type of commercial place. It has a range of features that perfectly fit the needs of restaurants or other busy places. Some features are:

  • Can make nearly 7.5 gallons of coffee per hour
  • Two warmers with individual controls
  • Built while keeping North American Electrical Standards in mind
  • The SplashGuard feature protects you from hot liquids
  • Highly durable with stainless steel body

Last but not the least, the direct water line coffee maker by Brew Express doesn’t just offer you an excellent cup of coffee, it’s actually an integrated coffee maker that is installed in your wall and directly connects with your water supply. The coffee maker is made of stainless steel and has a sleek design that makes it appear both strong and elegant. Some features are:

  • Comes with an extra basket for the hot tea
  • Takes no space on the counter because of wall integration
  • Has adjustable cup selector
  • Has a brew-pause/pause & serve feature with infrared sensor
  • Equipped with a thermal carafe that is double-walled

How to Hook Up a Coffee Maker to a Water Line?

How to Get the Best Commercial Coffee Maker with Water Line Connection?
How to Get the Best Commercial Coffee Maker with Water Line Connection?

To be honest, it is not rocket science to connect your coffee maker to a water line. Though the process cannot be explained in words here, you can watch tons of videos on YouTube that show exactly how to do that. The one that we found useful is this video that shows the connection of coffee maker by Keurig. However, you can search on YouTube with your coffee maker’s model and brand and get the exact video. Some things you might need for connection are:

  • Water lines
  • Correct fittings for line
  • Water filters (optional)

If you have these things, then you just need to either follow instructions manual or watch a video on YouTube to be able to hook your coffee maker to a water line.

How to Clean Plumbed Built-in Coffee Maker?

Cleaning the plumbed coffee maker is a little different than the typical coffee makers so you will have to understand how it works. However, the best thing is that some of the coffee makers we have reviewed here is self-cleaning which means they will clean themselves by circulating steam and hot water every time you turn on and off the machine.

Furthermore, the ones that do not have this functionality will likely have removable coffee bean, milk and water containers so you just need to clean them separately and then descale the machine according to the instruction in the user manual. You can also find a detailed video on YouTube for the model you own.


Well, that is all about the Best commercial coffee maker with water line. And we are pretty sure that by the end of this guide, you have learned a great deal about them and are ready to step your toe into the vast world of direct water line coffee makers.

However, we suggest that you don’t rush into things and first completely understand what you need to look for when getting a commercial coffee maker with water line according to your needs. This will help you understand if you are getting the right one. Lastly, read reviews about that specific coffee maker on Amazon to see what people are saying about it and if you think that it is the right one, then go ahead.

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