Ottoman Coffee Table: Complete buying Guide about Ottoman for storage

ottoman coffee table

what is ottoman furniture?

Are you planning to invest in a seat and a table? What if we tell you about the ottoman coffee table. a furniture piece that works well for both your needs?

Choose an ottoman for your lounge or room and enjoy it as a seat, storage box, or a table.

Ottoman is a popular term that is assumed for a seat, not for a table.

But have you ever wondered that ottoman could serve as both the table as well the seat?

You can use it to serve breakfast, typing on your laptop, or relaxing the feet. The ottoman coffee table serves as an ideal space saver for your lounge, room, or dining areas.

Choose a perfect coffee storage.  like keeping your magazines, books, or spare throws. You can also use the ottomans storage for serving the tea or coffee to your guests.

The wide range of functions offered by the coffee table makes it worth the buy! You can also cater to your children’s room with the creative ottoman designs that serve as perfect space-savers.


When choosing an ottoman, keep the characteristic features in your mind that you desire.

Choose an ottoman accordingly whether you want something that works well for storage, seating, serving, or relaxing.

You can also choose one which features trays or boasts the attached wheel to move it to the desired area.

When buying the ottomans, choose the budget-friendly, aesthetic, and upgrades the entire look of your home.

Keep all these features in mind and choose an ideal ottoman for your living area or room.

Have a look at the complete guide to buying the best ottoman coffee tables. We have listed down 27 highly stunning and efficient ottomans, which will raise your indoor décor.

1-   Square shaped coffee table ottoman pouf:

This ottoman works well as a footstool for your tired feet. You can also utilize it to place your breakfast tray.

Set this ottoman in your lounge and serve your guests on it without an extra table. This ottoman design looks so elegant that

it upgrades the décor of your lounge. It is composing of polyester-blend and conjugate fiber piece ties within the couch cushion.

2-   White, rectangular coffee table ottoman with golden base:

Do you prefer to keep vases or metal ornaments on your table? Then don’t worry, you don’t need to buy one as this ottoman features a hard surface where you can place your decoration pieces.

This ottoman’s frame comprises nickel, wood, and polyurethane, matching the cream couch well. It gives your lounge an awe-inspiring Greek goddess feel.

3-   Grey ottoman in modern design:

If the entire setup of your lounge is grey or you want a contrasting ottoman.

Then choose this modern style grey ottoman table. The grid-pattern ties and 100% polyester of this ottoman matches well with the C-shaped couch.

4-   The rectangular ottoman table along with a slide:

The best part about this ottoman is getting a hard and soft part in a single purchase. It boasts 100% polyester squab and is American-made.

The wooden table in this ottoman can be easily shifted all-around your house. You can simply serve the guests with this ottoman and slide for placing the cups or glasses.

The roller wheels are also attached to this coffee table, which means you can place it according to your needs.

5-   Modern design multi-functional ottoman:

This modern furniture piece features a highly comfortable, thick padding for a seat.

It boasts a handy tray with a lift top. You move the tray to suit your needs and lift the top for storing stuff.

You can choose this modern ottoman in white or black color. It comes with a durable frame of wood that can hold around 265 pounds.

6- Contemporary design ottoman and acrylic sides:

Suppose you want an ottoman with a shelf underneath to showcase the magazines, ornaments or books.

Then this style is definitely for you. This button-tufted, white linen ottoman looks extraordinarily stunning and gives a dreamy feel to your entire lounge.

The acrylic frame surrounding this ottoman adds a perfect sparkle to your room or lounge.

The ample storage underneath this ottoman is worth the buy. It also works well as a vanity seating for your bedroom.

7-   Modern style coffee tables for storage:

This wood creation ottoman serves well as a perfect storage box, seat, and a table. It is an all-in-one furniture piece that is worth the purchase.

This ottoman is varnished with a protective coating and upholstered cushioning to attain a perfect look. You can lift the top and use it as a storage box.

You can place the magazines, books, or other stuff in this ottoman and make it lie in your lounge.

You can place it underneath the TV space or place it in the lounge’s center alongside the couch. It will help you achieve a stunning look.

8-   Modern ottoman coffee table- sofa style:

This ottoman matches well with your lounge sofa. You can surely brag about this jaw-dropping ottoman.

This straight, chrome legged-furniture boasts a faux leather which is perfectly tufted.

9-   Green tufted coffee table ottoman:

If you are more of a colorful person and prefer all your surroundings to be bright, choose this ottoman. It adds a perfect touch of bright hues to your lounge.

This ottoman features green quilting on top with the wooden legs underneath for a perfect look.

10- Faux leather rectangular coffee tables:

This faux leather ottoman storage table looks edgy and funky at the same time. The quilting, legs and the storage capacity are all formed from leather.

The rectangular, faux leather ottoman jazzes up the entire lounge area with a perfect twist.

11- Square shaped, ottoman coffee table with black faux leather:

Choose this elegantly designed ottoman in six different colors to match your lounge interior. It features four hidden seats to accommodate extra guests.

This ottoman is hand constructed with engineered and solid woods. It features beautiful stitching with four serving trays that are quite handy.

12- Cocktail beige tufted ottoman:

This modern ottoman boasts the foam and linen built. It serves as a perfect place to keep display books, magazines, or for serving trays.

You can also place a vase full of blooming flowers on this ottoman and give your lounge a soothing feel.

Indulge yourself in relaxing vibes with this beautifully designed ottoman.

13-ottoman Coffee table for storage and reversible tray tops:

If you want an ottoman to serve as a space saver, this ottoman is undoubtedly for you. It is highly compatible and offers reversible tray tops.

You can place your favorite flowers, ornaments, or serve your tea/ coffee on the ottoman.

The grey upholstered ottoman keeps your room tidy and works as an all-rounder.

14- Round ottoman table with black faux leather:

This sleek designed ottoman works well as a storage box. The concealable design of this ottoman is such that the guests cannot even identify.

You can hide your extra throws, cushion covers, magazines, or books in this ottoman.

This ultimate smart furniture is designed with a dark espresso and chocolate seat. The ottoman is crafted with wood and bonded leather.

15- Tan leather ottoman coffee table with metal, geometric legs:

The libraries from the 1940s inspire this ottoman design.

The top of this ottoman features leather while the iron legs underneath it are quite elegant. You can place this upholstered piece in your modern lounge.

This furniture piece speaks for itself. It is highly refined and comfortable at the same time.

16- Leather tufted, distressed ottoman:

If you don’t want to fill up your space, choose a compact ottoman that works well as a footstool. This small, button-tufted, in-depth ottoman features a deep leather seat.

It rests over the chestnut finished legs. You can use it as an extra seat in your lounge or enjoy breakfast on this cute little stool.

17- Square brown ottoman table with faux leather:

This distressed style, brown ottoman table with faux leather, works well as a center table in your lounge.

The ottoman features faux leather, with plywood, polyester fiber, foam, metal, and diamond tufts raised on metal legs.

The legs are U-shaped, which ensures it to works best for serving trays or an extra seat.

18- Animal printed ottoman design:

If you are in love with cheetah, leopard or zebra prints, this animal-printed ottoman is undoubtedly for you.

You’ll fall in love with this hand-crafted ottoman, which is diamond-tufted.

It can hold around 250 pounds of weight, whether you put your books, food, serving trays, or use it as an extra seat.

19- Storage ottoman table in chocolate color:

This ottoman design works well for a brown colored interior of your lounge or room. You can choose this ottoman if you want massive storage underneath it without others noticing it.

The suede design of this ottoman compliments the entire look of your lounge.

20- A square ottoman table in mid-century style:

Are you seeking for an ottoman that is low-key but modern at the same time?

Choose this 100% polyester made ottoman in colors including beige, blue, pea green, red, dark grey, and light grey.

The low height of this stool means you can surely choose it as a footstool.

This square ottoman features birch wooden legs. The durability of this ottoman is 100% guaranteed. You can peacefully relax on this ottoman for several years without any damage.

21- Tufted round ottoman table:

You can choose this velvety ottoman in ten different colors. It seems like you are choosing a diva for your home,

which will soothe your eyes. This ottoman is delicately crafted with overall tufts.

The ottoman is raised to the bed height, which seems like a perfect spot for your vanity.

22- Round blue ottoman:

If you seek a seat or a table for your library/ study area, then opt for this ottoman.

This powder-blue colored ottoman is framed with solid plywood and wood. It is upholstered in polyester with corded stripes.

The ottoman further features a central tufted button, which creates a classical pattern of the ottoman.

23- Pleated round ottoman coffee table:

Are you looking out for a glamorous ottoman that upgrades your entire home?

Look no more as the turquoise-colored ottoman in velvet fabric seems luxurious yet straightforward.

You can place it in your bedroom or lounge and enjoy the perfect glamorous feel in the eve.

24- Round woven banana leaf and rattan designed ottoman:

If you want to choose a luxury styled ottoman in a larger size, then choose this ottoman.

It is topped with polyester; leather-wrapped rattan and banana leaf that gives you perfect Asian-inspired look.

Are you in love with beach houses? Then choose this ottoman to enjoy the beachy vibes at home.

You can enjoy this ottoman for extra seating, place your serving trays on it, or enjoy your breakfast with your partner.

25- Cocktail fabric, versatile ottoman design:

Do you want your interior to give some French vibes?

Then choose this linen top ottoman version, which is raised on four legs.

This ottoman features a wide surface that you can use for seating, serving, or relaxing.

26- Round rattan styled ottoman:

If you want to add a rustic touch to your home, then choose this rattan style ottoman. This ottoman works well for a living area or conservatory room.

It is available in white, brown, or natural hues.

27- Bold colored ottomans with the pattern:

Do you love colorful patterns? Then add these bright colored ottomans to your lounge, which serves as a visual treat for the guests and you.

These ottomans also offer storage along with the seating area. You can place these ottomans anywhere and attain a spectacular feel for the entire area.


I hope this guide will help you buy a perfect ottoman for your desired area. Choose the ottoman wisely and invest in one which boasts user-friendly features.

Ottoman is one of the versatile décor pieces that adds a perfect aesthetic touch to the entire room.

You can utilize it in different ways and move it around the house as per your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Buy an ottoman coffee table that works well as table, seat, and storage capacity in your house.

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