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Does a percolator make good coffee

How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)

Campfire percolator coffee would remind you of the struggles that you willingly accept for a mug of your favorite coffee and the great taste that it brings to your morning cup at the campsite.

Here, we are going to give you the lowdown as to how you can prepare the best campfire percolator coffee preparation.

Do you often go for a campsite stay and miss your morning cup of coffee?

How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)  How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)

A lot of people face this problem during their stay at campsites. It may be very difficult to prepare a cup of coffee without Astove-top coffee percolator, or percolator electric coffee maker.

How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)  How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)

However, if you know how to make campfire coffee percolator, much of the problem would be sorted out. However, it may not always be easy to assemble the old-styled percolator coffee maker and make the fire suitable for the use of percolator.

The old-fashioned coffee percolator can be used at the campfire to prepare a steaming cup of coffee with a distinct taste of firewood smoke and the wilderness. The taste of coarse grind coffee that brews into a perfect caffeine drink in the percolator at the campfire would make satisfy your instincts and remain in your heart and minds for a long time to come.

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Does a percolator make good coffee?

How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)  How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)

The answer to this question is very subjective and would vary from person to person. However, there is no reason why coffee made out of a percolator would not taste as great as that of other coffee makers such as the automatic drip model.

Rather, there is every possibility that a percolator coffee would taste better because it uses the same technology of brewing the coffee that kept people swearing by it for decades until the modern variants hit the market.

A coffee percolator has mostly a steel body that does not influence the taste of the final brew, leaving it as pure as it can be.

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What coffee is best for percolator?

Full-body coffee grains with rich and overlapping flavors are good for percolator coffee. A medium roast coffee beans compared to dark or light roasts is considered good for percolator coffee.

How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)  How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)

A light roast would result in a watery taste while a dark roast may give you a bitter taste whereas the medium roast would keep the bitterness, flavor, and the richness of the brew balanced.

Among the coffee beans, you should choose full body coffee that has a strong and rich taste and flavor.

Colombian, Peruvian, Guatemalan, Ethiopian, and Indonesian coffees are known to taste great with percolator coffee maker, whether with a stovetop or campfire percolator.

How to make strong percolator coffee in simple 3 steps?

  • Clean and dry the percolator – its jug or reservoir and the basket. Partly fill the jug/reservoir with water and place coarse grind coffee in the coffee basket – 30 grams of coffee powder for 500 ml of final coffee.
  • Close the percolator tight and put it on a stove or campfire. In about 5 minutes of medium heat, water will start to perk up. Bring the heat to a low and let the percolator stay for another 5 minutes — more if you want the brew to be stronger.
  • Take it out of the fire. Wait for a few minutes more and then pour it into your cup. Your coffee is in front of you. Sip it to your heart’s content.

What is the best camping percolator?

There are many camping coffee maker percolators in the market and depending on your choice of body material such as stainless steel or aluminum, you can take your pick. Another thing to keep in mind is the size. Here, we have prepared a list of 10 best percolator coffee makers available on Amazon in different sizes, body materials, and price ranges for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)  How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)

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How do you use a camping coffee percolator?

If you have never used a coffee percolator before, and need to know how to use a coffee percolator for the first time at your camping site may look like a bit perplexing.

However, the techniques are very simple and you can learn to use it within minutes. At the camping site, if you have your propane-fueled stovetop, there is not much to worry about.

You simply pour the water and place the coffee powder in their respective containers and close the lid. Put it on the stovetop on medium heat, and allow it to brew over the next 10 minutes or so, first on medium heat and then on low heat.

How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)  How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)

But if you don’t have a stovetop, use the campfire to brew it. The only thing to remember is to allow the fire to die down and woods to become glowing coal. Place your percolator on the wood coal fire and let it brew. It will take roughly the same time as on the stovetop. Keep watching over it. Once ready, bring it off the fire and pour your coffee into the cups.

Do you need a coffee filter for a percolator?

It depends on you and what you like about your coffee. Most people don’t use a filter for percolator coffee, because it comes filtered through the pours lined up in the coffee basket. However, it does contain granular coffee elements or grounds, which give a thickness to the drink and a lot of people seem to like it. However, some people use filters to remove oils found in the coffee that is said to increase LDL cholesterol in the blood.

How long do you percolate coffee on a campfire?

This is a very important question. At the campfire, you have no mechanism to control the heat. So make sure you put your percolator on the fire when it has died down and become only glowing coals. Even then, the fire has to be moderate, not burning glowing red.

On a low heat, you can brew the coffee for long enough to get the right texture, taste, flavor, etc.

How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)

On very high heat, the water would boil too soon and too much for the vapors to do seep into the coffee and season it. It should ideally take 10 minutes to percolate coffee on the campfire

How do you know when percolator coffee is done?

How to make campfire coffee percolator (In 3 Simple-Steps)

After the water heats up in the percolator and starts moving up the stem or tube attached to the coffee basket, you will hear a sound of water perking up and down.

If your percolator has a see-through glass top, you can see the liquid coffee bubbling at the top. It usually takes 10 minutes on low heat for the coffee to be ready. Use the three elements – time, the texture of the coffee bubbles, and the perking up the sound of liquid to determine when your coffee is ready.

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