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Hazelnut Coffee: Easy Homemade Flavored Coffee Recipe

Are you looking to get the best hazelnut coffee beans to make the best hazelnut flavored coffee at home?

Well, then you’ve landed at the correct place. We will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the background of hazel coffee, what it tastes like, what are the top coffee with hazelnut brands, and much more.

Just make sure to stick till the end of this guide, and you will be a coffee hazelnut Buddha by the end. With that being said, let’s dive right into the good stuff:

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What is hazelnut coffee?

Hazelnut Coffee: Easy Homemade Flavored Coffee Recipe

Hazelnuts have been food to humans for more than 9000 years, and ancient people found them very nutritional and added them to their diet for or healthy meal.

Turkey is apparently the largest producer of hazelnuts. However, you will see Italy and some states of the U.S., including Oregon and Washington, producing large quantities of hazelnuts.

The oil of hazelnuts can be gathered by pressing them, and then that oil can be used in drinks and foods as it is full of unsaturated fat, proteins, and healthy vitamins.

It is believed that alpine monks came up with the idea of preparing coffee nut.

In early times, there was an abundance of these nuts waiting to be used by someone in their food.

The monks used to add them to their coffee to improve the taste.

The history also suggests that Turkish people used to make hazel coffee. Apparently, Turks appreciate hazelnuts a lot, which is evident from them being one of its largest producers.

Turks used these nuts for many other purposes as well, including both for medicine and food.

Regardless of whoever invented the hazelnuts coffee, it is a significant part of the coffee culture in several countries and has remained among the most popular flavors for several years.

You will often find hazel coffee light to medium roasted because you don’t have to roast the beans any further to mask the smooth taste of hazelnut.

Does hazelnut coffee have hazelnut?

The answer is yes, and no! It depends on which type of coffee you are trying to make.

If you are going for the ancient hazelnut for coffee made by alpine monks, then they used to crush the nuts and add them to the coffee,

However, if you are taking a more conventional and modern approach, then you will likely buy coffee hazelnut brands that have the beans lightly roasted and the hazelnut flavor added to them.

Plus, if you are making a great hazelnut drink in your home, then you might not use the whole bean themselves but a syrup with the hazelnut flavor in it. We will discuss its recipe later in this guide.  

How is hazelnut coffee made?

There are many methods that you can use to make the coffee with hazel but to keep things simple and concise; we will discuss the top three of them below:

  • The first one is by making it from scratch. This means you will get a bag of hazelnuts, brew them into the coffee, and enjoy the flavor and aroma of hazelnuts directly instilled in the coffee. This process can take longer, but you will end up getting a unique, homemade drink.

  • The second method is by buying the best hazelnut coffee beans. This is where the roaster has already done the work by combining the flavor with the beans. You just need to make the coffee as usual. We will suggest some coffee hazelnut brands in this guide if you want to go this route.

  • This is where you will just make a normal cup of Joe and add the hazelnut flavored syrup to it. The end result will be perfectly blended hazelnut taste. We will discuss the complete method of making coffee this way and also how to make your own hazelnut syrup in this guide.

What does hazelnut coffee taste like?

Are you wondering what does the coffee hazelnut tastes like?

Well, the coffee has a slightly sweet taste with a nut-like aroma. The flavors of coffee, hazelnut crème and hazelnuts blend together nicely, which creates a well-balanced, smooth taste.

Hazelnut is also combined with other flavors in coffee, such as cinnamon.

The cinnamon hazelnut flavor has a strong cinnamon smell that is combined with the sweet and nutty taste of hazelnut. However, the combo can also create an off smell, which seems like perfume or medicine.

What is the best hazelnut coffee?

If you are looking for the top coffee brands with hazelnuts, then we have something for you.

You will find the cream of the crop brands easily available on Amazon below. Try out the one you find the most interesting and let us know how it goes.

1. LifeBoost Hazelnut:

This is definitely one of the top hazelnut coffee brands offering the best hazel flavored coffee mainly because of its medium roast that leaves very light hazelnut notes keeping the drinkers hooked without overwhelming them.

The coffee is free from any mycotoxins and pesticides, making it very fresh and healthy. Furthermore, they offer simply the great cup of coffee of hazelnut beans that have a single-origin and are shade-grown.

Click here for more info


  • Very robust profile of flavor
  • Delicious and fragrant
  • Organic and single-origin


  • You’ll need coffee bean grinder
  • A little expensive

2. Volcanica Hazelnut Coffee

If you need the great hazelnut drink in terms of affordability, then Volcanica is one of the top hazelnut coffee brands for that.

Their coffee is slightly sweet, buttery, and creamy, with a medium roast leaving hints of hazelnut for you to enjoy longer.

Hazelnut Coffee: Easy Homemade Flavored Coffee Recipe

Everything about the blend of coffee beans and hazelnut offered by this brand is perfect for people who want to ease their day into a gentle and delicious coffee.


  • Buttery, smooth taste
  • Rich aroma
  • Gentle taste


  • A little bit pricey

3. Lovesome Ground Coffee, Hazelnut

Another excellent brand that is available on Amazon that offers a blend of affordability and delightful Hazelnut Coffee taste.

Lovesome Ground coffee offers re-ground beans that make it best for budget buyers who want to make a quick cup in the morning

Hazelnut Coffee: Easy Homemade Flavored Coffee Recipe

The light coffee blend brings out the taste of hazelnut very well, which you will definitely enjoy no matter how many cups you’ve had.


  • Very pocket-friendly
  • Buttery notes
  • Beans come pre-ground


  • A little water-like taste
  • Small package

How to make hazelnut flavored coffee?

To make the great hazelnut flavored coffee, you need the following ingredients:

  • 4 cups of coffee (brewed)
  • A quarter of hazelnut syrup
  • 1tbsp sugar
  • 1/8tbsp ground cinnamon
  • A quarter cup heavy whipped cream
  • 1tbsp Nutella

Steps to Follow:

  1. Combine the brewed coffee, cinnamon, sugar, and flavoring syrup in a large saucepan.
  2. Divide the coffee mixture into four mugs.
  3. Now take a small bowl, beat Nutella and cream until they’re thickened.
  4. Gently place the Nutella and cream mixture on top of coffee cups and serve immediately

How to make hazelnut syrup for coffee?

If you want to prepare your own hazelnut syrup to add to your coffee, then we have got your back here as well. Let’s see the ingredients and steps below:

  • 3/4 cup white sugar crystals
  • 1 ⅓ cups of water
  • 1/4 cup of hazelnut baking emulsion

 Steps to Follow:

  1. Add the sugar in water in a medium-size saucepan and put it on high heat to boil
  2. Let it cook for 2-5mins on the boil, depending on how sweet and thick you want your syrup to be.
  3. Remove the pan from heat, add hazelnut emulsion and stir it.
  4. Now transfer this mixture to a heatproof measuring cup of glass, add enough water for two cups of liquid. (This can change depending on how thick or thin your syrup is)
  5. Let this syrup cool at the room temperature until it is no longer warm.
  6. Transfer it to a container that is airtight and use it whenever you want.

How many calories are in hazel coffee?

There is no single amount of calories in the hazelnut coffee. This totally depends on the brand and the hazelnut crème you use.

The more flavor they have added along with other ingredients like sugar or cinnamon, the more calories there will be.

Hazelnut Coffee: Easy Homemade Flavored Coffee Recipe

This also depends on how much coffee you are adding to the cup. However, some brands’ coffee usually has 5 calories per cup of coffee. To be sure, you can check the packaging.


Now you know virtually everything there is to know about getting and making the hazelnut drink, We are confident that you’ll make an excellent cup of Joe and impress both yourself and your friends. Just make sure to only get the best coffee beans and hazelnut crème and never compromise on the quality.

The better the quality, the richer, smoother, and aromatic your coffee will be. You can try one of the flavored coffee brands we have suggested above and see which one perfectly goes with your taste buds.

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