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Coffee gifts basket

Coffee lovers gift basket

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

Do you have a coffee lover in your life that you absolutely want to spoil? Maybe their birthday is coming up or maybe it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Maybe you just want them to know that you appreciate them. No matter what it is, you may be looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers and these are definitely going to help you along.

Coffee gifts basket

We’ve even talked about some specific gift ideas and whether they’re going to be the right option for the coffee lover in your life. After all, you want to get a gift that they’re going to like, right?

What Gift Should I Give to a Coffee Lover?

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

The first thing to figure out is what type of gifts you might want for your coffee lover. Getting them coffee itself can be a great option if you know the type that they really like. 

Getting them supplies to make that coffee, like their favorite creamer or specialty stirrer spoons can be another great option. 

The key is making sure you understand what they really love because coffee lovers can definitely be particular about what they like and what they don’t when it comes to their favorite beverage. That might mean paying attention to how they make their coffee too (like with a drip machine, an espresso machine or a French press).

Is Gifting a Coffee Maker to a Coffee Lover a Good Idea?

Should you get them a coffee maker? This one is questionable. If your coffee lover is asking for a coffee maker than absolutely you could get it for them. On the other hand, if they have one or if they always buy from a specific shop then you might want to avoid this. 

After all, coffee lovers tend to be particular about their coffee and they may not want to change to a different type or start making their own. If they’ve mentioned a specific machine that they would like however, feel free to pick it up for them if you’re looking for a gift they’re really going to enjoy.

7 Creative Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

Ready to put together a coffee gift basket? You’re going to want some very specific types of items to put in that basket. After all, you’re trying to appeal to someone who loves coffee.

  • Mug : A brand new coffee mug with a funny saying, cute picture or something they like on it is always a good idea
  • Coffee : What’s better for a coffee lover than coffee? Just make sure you get their favorite.
  • Coffee Maker : If you know what they’re going to like then a coffee maker can be a great option and can make it easy for them to get a cup when they want it.
  • Stirrer Spoon :  There are plenty of spoons out there that are standard or that have chocolate or other flavorings on them that your friend might enjoy.
  • Creamer :  Flavored creamers are great and there are so many out there you could encourage them to try something new (especially limited edition ones).
  • Décor : If your coffee lover has a little station for making coffee you may want to get them something decorative that they can put up in the area to designate it as the coffee space.
  • Coffee Themed Accessories : Sometimes it’s not about the morning coffee. Just get a shirt or socks or something else entirely with a coffee theme for a cute gift idea.

What is the Best French Press Coffee to give as a Gift to a Coffee Lover?

Looking for the best French press coffee? We definitely have a favorite for you and we’re sure your coffee lover friend is going to love it too. This one is really rich and tastes great, and it’s going to be something that they’ll want to try out if they’re a French press lover already.

Our Perfect List of Gifts for Coffee Snobs

Ready for the perfect list of gifts for coffee snobs? Well, then you’re going to want to look at our best gifts for coffee lovers below. We are coffee lovers ourselves so we definitely know what your friends and family members are looking for to get them a gift that’s fun or tastes great or otherwise just expresses their love of coffee in a great way. It’s going to be super simple for you to pick out something off our list and it’s going to be a thoughtful gift too.

Eye-Catching Funny Coffee Gifts for Your Beloved One

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

You’re looking for something a little more funny and eye-catching rather than just something practical? This is definitely where you’re going to want to look for those gifts.

Anyone who has a friend that’s going to appreciate some jokes (maybe a few at their expense) and something that’s really unique is going to love gifts like sarcastic coffee mugs, fun flavors of coffee or maybe a cheeky sign for their coffee space. It’s going to be entirely up to you.

Amazing Coffee Gifts Ideas for Every Occasion:

Maybe you’re not looking for a specific occasion or maybe the occasion you’re looking for isn’t listed anywhere else. Well, don’t worry because there are some really fun ideas that you can use for any time of the year. After all, your favorite coffee lover isn’t just drinking coffee at certain times of the year, right? They need fun gifts for all the time and we’ve found some of the best options below. You’ll want to take a closer look at each of them and see which one will be best for your friends.

Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers:

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

Christmas is a great time to show your favorite coffee lover how important they are to you.

So this is where you want the best gifts for coffee lover. It could be something small, like those stirrer spoons or socks, or it could be something large, like a brand new coffee maker. No matter how much you’re looking to spend you can find something on our list below that will help you celebrate them and just how much they mean to you.

Quirky Coffee Gifts:

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

Quirky gifts can be some of the most fun, so make sure you’re not discounting this idea when you’re planning out your shopping. This is especially true if your friend is someone who loves the funny things in life or loves to laugh in general. 

If they’re always the one to get the practical joke (or make the practical joke) then they’re going to do a great job here and they’re really going to love these types of gifts too, which you’ll find in the list below.

Coffee Lover Gifts for Him:

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

Is the coffee lover in your life a male and you’re not sure what to get? Well, there are a whole bunch of different options that you should take a closer look at. You might actually be surprised at what they might enjoy, from a mug to drink their morning cup or a snack that they can eat while they’re enjoying it.

there are all kinds of things that could become the perfect gifts for coffee drinkers. With your favorite male coffee drinker, you may want to get something that’s even more on the funny side or that matches their love of coffee with something else they like, whether it’s their pets, their work or a hobby.

Valentine’s Gifts for Coffee Lovers:

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

Valentine’s is when we all show our love for the people in our lives and it’s a great time to find gifts for coffee drinkers, especially the ones that you’re in a relationship with. These gifts are things like cute coffee mugs, stuffed animals that come with flavored coffee and even chocolates or other sweets that can be eaten with coffee (or dipped right in it). 

Check out some of the best options we could find in the list below. Your coffee lover is definitely going to be more than happy that you remembered them this season.

Father’s Day Coffee Gifts:

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

Have a father in your life that is a big coffee drinker? Then you might want to get them something a little unique that lets them know how much they mean to you and lets them enjoy their favorite pastime. A cute mug that has pictures of you, your children, their pets or something else they love on it can be a great combination of the two. 

Gifts that are personal tend to be the best way to go and are definitely going to show your father (or your children’s father or any other important male role model in your life) just how much they mean to you.

Affordable Gifts for Coffee Lovers for All Budgets

Looking for affordable gifts? No problem. Gifts for coffee drinkers come in all price ranges, so you’re not going to have a problem finding something that your coffee lover will enjoy but that doesn’t break the bank. After all, you want to make sure they know how much you appreciate them, but you also want to make sure you have enough to buy gifts for other people on your list or to avoid running out of money for some of the other things you need to buy (like your normal monthly expenses). So, let’s take a look at a few different budgets and options to buy.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers under $10

When it comes to the low budget items you don’t have to worry about your loved one feeling left out. There are plenty of coffee-related items that are available for $10 or less. Mugs, for example, can start at less than $10. Individual packets of coffee or different types of creamer or mix-ins for their coffee can also start under $10. 

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket
Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket
Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket
Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

In fact, with a lot of different items you’ll be able to choose several different things and maybe even put together a small gift bag with your $10, or pick just a couple little things and let them make a specialty cup.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers under $20

When you bump the budget up a little bit you’re going to have a few more options. You’ll be able to get specialty coffee mugs and even travel mugs at this price range. You’ll also be able to pick up a few different things and make a larger gift basket if you want or you could even opt for smaller coffee makers.

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket
Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket
Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket
Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

You’re not going to get any of the specialty ones, but you might be able to get a French press or a travel coffee maker somewhere in this price range or the next. So take a look at the options.

Gifts for Coffee Lovers under $30

Gifts that are under $30 give you a number of different options. Your coffee lover is going to be really happy with the different things that you can pick up for them here that include anything from a simple coffee maker to a large gift basket and a great deal more.

Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket
Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket
Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket
Coffee gifts basket  Coffee gifts basket

These are some of the best gifts for coffee lovers because you get to pick and choose several different options or pick up one item that’s a little more unique or a little larger. But don’t worry if you need to stick to the lower budget options. You’ll still find something great.


All in all, when it comes to gifts for coffee drinkers, you’re going to be happy with all of the different ways you can show your appreciation for the coffee drinker in your life. No matter what the occasion (or even if there is no occasion) you’ll find that the items on our list are definitely going to make them feel great and are going to help them enjoy their next cup of coffee as well. All you have to do is take a look and see which ones are going to make their day (and which will fit easily into your budget).

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