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delonghi ec 155 review

Delonghi ec155 espresso machine (review & Buyer’s Guide)

Are you looking for an excellent espresso machine for your kitchen? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re new to espresso machines, then your head might be spinning because of the variety of espresso machines available in the market.

It is certainly a difficult choice to make for anyone. Prices of espresso machines vary based on their make and features. It can cost you dozens to thousands of dollars. It is difficult to figure out which one to buy. 

On this page, we’ve pulled together the Delonghi EC 155 review. It is a brilliant yet affordable espresso and cappuccino maker. If you’re looking for something that fits within your budget and looks graceful in your kitchen as well, then make sure to read this Delonghi EC 155 review. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost, By advertising

DeLonghi EC 155 – Introduction " Is DeLonghi a good brand"?

Delonghi ec155 espresso machine (review & Buyer’s Guide)

DeLonghi EC 155 is an ideal espresso and cappuccino maker for those looking to buy an affordable and compact machine. Its automatic functioning is a great feature for beginners.

After getting tired of endless trips to the coffee shop for getting your every day's morning coffee, it’s time to bring a coffee maker to your home.

DeLonghi EC 155 will help you make a strong, rich, and smooth coffees right in the comfort of your kitchen.

DeLonghi EC 155 has excellent brewing capability, and for starters, it is a ‘make-life-easy’ machine because it’s equipped with automatic functioning. If you love those ‘micro bubbles’ that are made on coffee by frothing the milk, then DeLonghi EC 155 espresso maker is a perfect choice for you.

 Its milk frothing capability is as good as any other best coffee maker. in a nutshell, DeLonghi EC 155 is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser and makes life easy by serving you strong coffees right in your kitchen.

Delonghi - Pump Espresso Maker - EC155 Features

DeLonghi EC 155 review cannot be completed without talking about its features. It is certainly equipped with sufficient features that you can ask for in a budget-friendly coffee maker.

Let’s look into its brewing ability, power, design, and user-friendliness.


Delonghi ec155 espresso machine (review & Buyer’s Guide)

DeLonghi EC 155 reviews from its users suggest that it is a ‘make-life-easy’ kind of a machine with a very straight learning curve.

It is very easy to operate this machine because its self-priming system makes it easy to get started with your coffee.

You just need to turn it on, and then the whole process is hands-off. Start brewing and stop once you’ve got the wanted amount of espresso. 

The best thing about its ease of use is that you can use both coffee pods and ground coffee beans. For the best cup experience, use ground coffee beans. They do serve not only the perfect coffee but also produce far less waste than pods.

One thing that makes it a brilliant choice for beginners is its simple interface. Everything is controlled with one dial. You can use the dial to turn on the machine, brew, and forth.

All the features are controlled with one small dial only – which is due to the reason that DeLonghi EC 155 was designed smoothly as the topmost priority.

Strong Brewing Capability

Delonghi ec155 espresso machine (review & Buyer’s Guide)

A great cup of espresso starts with precisely heated water, which is then poured into coffee beans to get a perfectly brewed coffee. DeLonghi EC 155 has stainless steel broiled with an integrated thermostat that monitors the temperature of the water. 

Delonghi ec155 espresso machine (review & Buyer’s Guide)
Delonghi ec155 espresso machine (review & Buyer’s Guide)

DeLonghi EC 155 is capable of serving you perfect espresso and cappuccino as well. Whether you’re a lover of espresso or creamy-textured cappuccino, DeLonghi EC 155 is an ideal choice for both types of coffee lovers. 

Espresso is extracted from the beans with a 15-bar pressure pump, which serves perfect coffee every time. For preparing a cup of cappuccino or latte, swivel jet frother provides precise milk frothing and gives a balanced, creamy texture.

DeLonghi EC 155 reviews by its users suggest that this machine is just the right kind of coffee maker for those who are new to the extraction game. The quality of the drink provided by this machine is as good as your favorite café’s basic espresso or cappuccino.

However, there are not many options for manual tweaks. DeLonghi EC 155 is a point & shoot coffee maker.

Milk frothing

A coffee maker cannot be an excellent coffee maker if it doesn’t have the milk frothing capability. To get a perfect cappuccino, milk frothing capability must be available in the machine. DeLonghi EC 155 is equipped with a state-of-the-art swivel jet frother. The frother is integrated right next to the cappuccino maker and has a perfect angle for frothing & steaming the milk.

You can control the frother with the same dial that is used to control brewing.

Easy cleaning

DeLonghi EC 155 reviews by its users depict that no user ever complains about its cleaning and maintenance. One of the biggest features of this machine is that its cleaning is very easy. The brewer has cleaning light, which indicates you when it needs cleaning. You can take out the brewer and broiler easily and clean it with a dishwasher because it is dishwasher safe.

Delonghi ec155 espresso machine (review & Buyer’s Guide)
Delonghi ec155 espresso machine (review & Buyer’s Guide)

The filter holder is also easy to take out and makes it easy to clean the portafilter. Keeping the machine clean doesn’t only serve you hygienic and fresh coffee but also improve the longevity of the machine. You can disassemble the steam wand as well. However, you always need to take it out after every use to keep it protected and in good condition for a longer period. 

Design & build quality

When it comes to design and build quality of DeLonghi EC 155, a little extra care can make it last as long as any other expensive coffee maker. Since it is a budget-friendly and beginner level espresso and cappuccino maker, its body is made of plastic. However, some essential parts like the wand and drip tray are made of metal. 

It has a classic design and looks certainly elevate the grace of your kitchen.

Pros & Cons


  • It is a budget friendly coffee maker to make espresso, cappuccino, and a latte at your home.
  • Its brewing capability and good and serves good taste and strong coffee to begin your day.
  • Cleaning the DeLonghi EC 155 is an easy process and broiler and filter containers are dishwasher safe.
  • It provides ease of use, and you can control all options with one small dial.
  • It has separate thermostats for broiler and milk steaming. The integrated thermostats monitor the temperature and keep it at a precise level.


  • The manual tweak options are next to none.
  • The body is made of plastic; however, given the price tag, it justifies its build quality and design. 


DeLonghi EC 155 reviews are generally very positive, and users recommend it for those looking for just the right kind of espresso and cappuccino. It works great for those who want an easy solution to make espresso, cappuccino, and latte in their own kitchen.

 If your budget is not big and your coffee needs are also minimal, then DeLonghi EC 155 pump espresso is a great machine to buy.

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