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beat ever coffee beansThere are four conventional types of coffee beans in the market each offering an explosion of varying flavors with delicious diversity to appeal to the taste buds of different personalities.

Coffea arabica”, affectionately known as just arabica, makes up the first and most popular option accounting for upwards of 60% of the planet’s coffee production. It is the most delicate of all four possessing a vibrant body, an intricacy of multilayered aromas, and just the right amount of acidity.

Coffea canephora” or robusta makes up the second choice which comes runners-up to the aforementioned in the popularity contest but offers twice the caffeine accompanied by hints of chocolate. The third type comes in the way of

Coffea liberica”, famously known by its last name, which is a rare commodity with a rich history and a unique earthy taste that deviates from normal coffee flavoring.

Coffea excelsa” is the fourth and final mainstream variety and it brings to the table a dark, light roast from a tart and fruity body.
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Where does the famous coffee Italian brand source their beans fro?

Where does the famous coffee Italian brand source their beans fro?

Whether you love imported Italian brands of coffee or any of the organic coffee brands, you might be missing out on the rich tradition that Italians have been enjoying for the last four and a half centuries. As they say when in Rome’- but then again why not settle for simply great coffee that tastes better because the Italians are simply better at making a master coffee more-a-less.

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