Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?

What is the difference between coarse and fine ground coffee?

There are tons of brands of coarse ground coffee, and if you want to get the best coarse coffee, then you will have to do a lot of searching and testing to decide which one is perfect for you. 

But to help you make this process of experimenting and testing a little easier, we have created this guide.

Not only will we be discussing the different aspects of drinking and storing coarse ground coffee, but we will also be discussing various brands that sell the best coarse ground coffee.

Furthermore, we will tell you the best supermarkets that you can get the coarse ground coffee from and will also tell you the best place to buy the coffee to get your daily caffeine fix. So with that said, let’s get started:

Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?

Coarse is the opposite of finely ground coffee, which means that it will have chunky pieces of the coffee beans that are similar to the heavy kosher salt. The preferred brewing method for coarse ground coffee beans is the French press.

Is coarse ground coffee stronger?

If your coffee is too fine then it might taste a bit bitter which usually comes under the ‘strong’ category of the coffee.

So with that said, it is usually not the case with coarse ground coffee brands, which means it won’t be as stronger. It is recommended that you use the French press for coarsely grounded coffee to get maximum flavor.

What do coarse coffee grounds look like?

Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?

As also mentioned above, the coarse ground coffee looks like heavy kosher salt. It will have chunky pieces that you can clearly see and feel if taken in hand.

What is the difference between coarse and fine ground coffee?

There are many differences between the coarse and fine coffee, and the main one is the size of the particles. You cannot see or feel each particle of the fine ground coffee as it is too small. However, the particles of coarse ground coffee brands are chunkier, which means you can clearly see them.

Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?

Furthermore, coarsely ground coffee is best suited to the French press while the fine ground coffee can be used with the automatic espresso machines.

Can you use coarse ground coffee in a coffee maker?

Well if you are using the coffee maker with French press, then you can use the coarse ground coffee beans in it as they will stay in the water for more time which means you will be able to get the optimal level of flavor. But if you are using the automatic coffee maker, then it is suggested that you use a medium coarse grind coffee.

Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?
Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?

Coarse Ground Coffee Brands:

1- Coarse ground coffee for French press:

Many die-hard coffee aficionados claim that making coffee through the French press is the best method that offers the richest taste. So if you want to know some of the best brands of coarse ground coffee for French press, then the Coarsely Ground Coffee by Primos is among the best for French press. 

They offer two different flavors; medium roast and dark roast. Furthermore, their coffee is low in acidity and contains a very pleasant flavor that offers a rich taste and soothing aroma.

2- Coarse ground coffee for Cold brew:

If you are looking for the brands of coarse ground coffee that you can enjoy as a cold drink on a hot summer day then Stone Street has got your back.

They offer the best coarse ground coffee for cold brew providing you with a mildly sweet and bold coffee flavor that is also low in acidity. Their coffee is dark roasted and coarsely ground so you can make yourself a well-balanced cold cup of Joe.

3- Coarse ground coffee for Percolator:

If you want the best of the best coarse ground coffee then Café Las Flores offers the best percolator coffee brand. Their Nicaraguan Grown Coffee has not only a very smooth but also a distinct flavor.

The coffee is medium roasted so when combined with the percolator brewing method, their sumptuous flavor is achieved.

4- Dunkin Donuts coarse ground coffee:

After their explosive success with Donuts dunkin coarse ground coffee have started rolling out coarse ground coffee so their fans can enjoy the donuts and coffee from the same brand.

Their medium roasted coffee is ready to brew and offers a smooth and unique flavor that can make your taste buds crave for more.

5- Lavazza coarse ground coffee:

Another one of the best brands of coarse ground coffee that offer the finest, uniquely blended, full-bodied and richly flavored coffee. If you want to experience something that you have never tasted before, you should consider getting Lavazza coarse ground coffee.

6- Folgers coarse ground coffee:

A brand in the world of coffee that needs no introduction is indeed Folgers.

Their wide variety of coffee beans that are finely roasted and contain rich taste that will be consistent with any brewing method you use.

Where to Buy Coarse Ground Coffee?

There are tons of stores in both the online and offline markets that offer coarse ground coffee but the main difference is of the quality and ease of access.

You cannot know the quality of the coffee that is available at the offline stores because there are no user reviews present for the exact product.

But if you go to Amazon, you can read the reviews for each coffee which means that you can see whether this coffee does the job or not. Furthermore, you can get the coffee delivered to your doorsteps by placing an order online. So if you want to get your coarse ground coffee from a credible source, Amazon is recommended.

Best Ground Coffee in Supermarkets:

There are a plethora of coffee brands available in the supermarkets and someone who likes to try out new brands or doesn’t know much about different brands can easily get lost.This is the reason that you need an expert suggestion and that is why we have created this table for you.

We have added the best ground coffee brands here so that you don’t have to experiment with the bad stuff and only get the coffee that delivers great taste and a well-balanced flavor.

How do you store coarse ground coffee?

Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?
Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?

Well there are different opinions about the storage of ground coffee and to be honest, we don’t recommend storing it. The main reason for that is that ground coffee deteriorates faster than the whole beans. This means that it will lose its scent, flavor and freshness.

Therefore, we suggest that you grind the coffee whenever you want to brew it and not do it in advanced. Still, if you want to store the grounded coffee, you can store it in the fridge and use it within six days to ensure it doesn’t become harmful for your body.

Does putting coffee in the freezer keep it fresher?

Well we have explained it above as well but to give you a detailed idea, it does not! The reason for that is grounded coffee loses its freshness very quickly and that means if you store it in the freezer, it will start to deteriorate and soon you will have a very bad tasting coffee.

So whenever you think of storing the coffee, be prepared to drink a coffee that might not be as fresh as the one that is made using the freshly grounded beans.

How do you grind coffee for a drip?

Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?
Will Brands Of Coarse Ground Coffee Ever Rule the World?

For most of the "coffee makers" with auto drip, you need to grind your coffee to a medium or fine level depending on the filter type you are using. But to give you an estimate, here are some pointers:

  • Use flat bottom filters for the medium ground coffee that is similar to the sand’s texture.
  • Use cone shaped filters for the coffee that is a little finer than the sugar that is granulated.
  • Use gold filters for the typical medium ground coffee.

Also, if you are using the coarse ground coffee, use it with a French press for maximum taste and flavor.


Well, this is all about the coarse ground coffee and other ground types. Just make sure to get the coarse ground coffee from the brands that we have provided above to ensure you get great taste and energizing, soothing aroma.

We have also laid down a list of the best ground coffee brand in supermarkets to make sure that you get your daily fix of caffeine if you cannot place an order on Amazon. No matter what you do, always try to brew a freshly grounded coffee so that you can enjoy its rich taste.

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