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Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser

How to Pick the Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser in 2021

Are you interested to get some useful and pertinent information about the best coffee maker with hot water dispenser? If the answer is yes, then you have many reasons to find this article interesting and informative.

However, we need to bear in mind that with so many options and choices available, picking up the right hot water coffee machine is not easy. It requires an understanding of the various features and other characteristics that separate the good ones from the not so good ones.

How to Pick the Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser in 2021  How to Pick the Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser in 2021

Our objective in this article is to share some useful information that could help in understanding better these unique coffee makers.

Additionally, we also will be having a look at seven different makes and models of programmable coffee maker devices that are popular in the market today.

We are sure it will go a long way in better understanding the various finer points and then making an informed buying decision. We also will try and address some common questions with regard to these coffee makers for the benefit of our readers.

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Can You Use A Coffee Maker For Hot Water?

There are no specific rules and regulations when it comes to using hot water in a coffee maker. However, it would not be advisable to pour boiling water in your coffee maker because it could damage the internal parts of the coffee maker.

The recommended temperature ranges from 91 to 96 degrees centigrade. In case you do not have the rule of the thumb is to ensure the water is taken off the boil and allowed to cool for around five minutes before it is poured into the coffee maker.

Why Should You Buy a Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser?

How to Pick the Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser in 2021

There are a few obvious reasons for you to buy a coffee maker with hot water dispenser. Let us look at a few of them for the benefit of our readers.

When you research and then buy a hot water dispenser, it goes a long way in saving space.

You need not spend money on a coffee machine and a dispenser separately because it comes as a single unit. It makes it easy to move the entire coffee maker and dispenser from one place to another.

A good coffee maker with hot water dispenser also helps to preserve the authentic taste of your coffee. At the same time, you also can use your coffee maker for brewing and tasting the best of tea also.

If you wish to brew coffee and tea at the same time and save time on the entire brewing process, it makes much better sense to go in for a good quality coffee maker with hot water dispenser.

Modern-day coffee makers come with reasonably big sized reservoirs. This avoids the need for making frequent refills.

There are many such coffee makers that are good enough to serve twelve guests at a time. most of these coffee machines come with an automatic on and off facility.

The 7 Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser ( pros & Cons)

Let us now have a look at the best coffee pod machines to give the readers a better idea about the various features of branded machines that are available in the market.

1. Keurig K150 Single-Serve Cup Commercial Coffee Maker.

This is designed for medium to small sizes businesses and also can be used in homes. The machines have been designed with care and could be perfectly suited for day to day use. Here are some attractive features

Main Features:

  • Touch screen surface comes with on and offsetting, adjustable coffee brewing temperature and three language instructions.
  • The water reservoir is generous at around 90 ounces.
  • 5 different brew sizes, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Comes with NSF certification


  • Instructions in three languages.
  • Cute looking with the best of ergonomics.
  • Quiet brewing
  • Programmable controls
  • Auto on and off facility


  • Brews slowly
  • Consumes more electricity when compared to similar models.

2. Cuisnart CHW-12P1 (12 Cup Programmable Coffee maker )

Cuisnart is a reputed name when it comes to quality coffeemakers and therefore it would be worthwhile looking at this model. Here are some features that are impressive, according to many users.

Main Features

  • This is a convenient 12 cup programmable coffee maker.
  • It also comes with drip-free pour spout for 12 cup programmable.
  • Auto on and off with self-clean function.
  • Coffee can be kept at the right temperature depending on preferences
  • Brew coffee auto pause feature before completion of brewing cycle.
  • Gold tone and charcoal water filter remove water impurities before brewing.
  • Totally BPA free
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Removable drip tray suitable for tall travel mugs.
  • Comes with unique and separate hot water system with a separate power button.
  • 54 ounce water reservoir can operate with the coffee maker or independently.


  • Built in safety feature
  • Water impurities are removed before brewing.
  • Comes with limited 3 year warranty.
  • Good value for money
  • Timer can easily be set.
  • The hot water dispenser is quite good.
  • Looks extremely good on the counter.
  • Ergonomic design helps to save on space.


  • A few instances of leakages have been reported.
  • Warranty terms & conditions are not fully honoured.
  • Bad after sales service.

3. Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer, SS Hot water Dispenser

This is from the house of Ninja and therefore there are reasons to believe that it will be a good coffee brewer offering many attractive features. We are happy to share a few of the features that look quite impressive.

Main Features:

  • The external body is made from high quality body.
  • Offers rich or classic brew each time.
  • Ensures complete flavour ruling out any bitterness while brewing.
  • Comes with unique Hotter brewing technology
  • The advanced boiler ensures hot and invigorating cup of coffee
  • Comes with 24 hour programmable delay ensuring planning your brew one day in advance.
  • Coffee remain full of flavour and fresh for around 4 hours.
  • Adjustable warming plate is another interesting feature.
  • Easy to port the water reservoir to the sink.


  • Enjoy the best of flavors
  • Unique flavor straw ensures that every cup tastes awesome
  • Comes with adjustable warming plates
  • 24 hour advance programmable feature.
  • Easy and convenient brewing.
  • Mid brew pause is possible.
  • Capable of brewing 12 cup programmable and also small requirements of 1 to 4 cups.


  • A few customers believe that it does not last beyond 60 days.
  • After sales services leaves much to be desired.

4. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

There are many unique features that go into making the Hamilton beach brewer quite impressive. We are sharing some of the most popular features that may have helped it to become a big hit amongst many customers.

Main Features

  • Unique two way brewing facility.
  • You can brew a single cup or a full pot with 12 cup carafe.
  • Fully programmable helps you to wake up to a hot and fresh cup of coffee
  • Perfect measurement ensures that there is no overflow of coffee from the cup9.
  • You also can brew a single cup using ground and loose coffee
  • Brew strength selector feature helps you to choose between bold and regular brew strengths.
  • Easy to use and understand control functions.
  • Overall dimensions are 10.63 inches x 12.20 inches x 13.70 inches.
  • Weighs around 10.06 lbs.
  • Attractive design and ergonomic shape.


  • Long lasting and durable.
  • Great looking with some wonderful ergonomics.
  • Excellent for those who are looking for single serve or a pot.
  • Hot and fresh copy with pre-set timing is a big takeaway.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Maintenance is not a big hassle.
  • On the whole decent value for money


  • The water line broke in a few cases in just 4 months.
  • Dark layer of coffee remains at the bottom.
  • A possible design flaw according to a few customers.

5. Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker

How to Pick the Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser in 2021  How to Pick the Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser in 2021

If you are on the lookout for a quality and large coffee brewing system, it is quite obvious that you will find this quite useful. It comes with a large water reservoir of around 80 ounces. This does away with the need for regular refills. Additionally here are some more interesting features that are worth mentioning

Main Features

  • Fully programmable coffee maker
  • User-friendly LCD features with digital clock.
  • Auto on and off facility
  • Adjustable temperature facility
  • Comes with reusable coffee filter
  • Charcoal water filter ensure removes impurities from water.
  • 8 K-Cup Portion pack along with instruction book also available.
  • The product has been built to meet American Electrical Standards


  • A versatile machine can also make instant porridge, hot chocolates and cider packets.
  • Has some great customer reviews.
  • Easy to operate with instructions that are simple
  • Auto on and off facility
  • Auto timer facility to ensure that you get hot coffee as and when you need it.


  • Water needs to be poured each and every time.
  • Water leakage from the rear tube is a common feature.
  • After-sales services need much to be desired.

6. BUNN CSB3T Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker

Those who know a few things about coffee makers will certainly have many things positive to talk about this thermal coffee maker from BUNN. It is feature rich and we are happy to list down a few of them that make it quite an impressive buy.

Main Features

  • Full pot of coffee can be brewed in just half the time when compared to other such machines in the market.
  • The hot water tank is make from high quality steel hot water tank that is of the best commercial grade.
  • Comes with dishwasher safe parts and therefore easy to clean.
  • High quality vacuum insulated carafe ensures warm coffee for more than 2 hours
  • Come with a special spray head that ensures optimal flavor and the best of coffee extraction.
  • Assembled and designed in USA.


  • Considered to be one of the fastest coffee makers.
  • Comes with a new and updated design
  • Has a taller funnel ensures faster flow of water and stops overflow of grounded coffee.
  • High capacity 70 ounce water tank.
  • Constant delivery of temperature preventing in burnt coffee flavor
  • Comes with 3 year limited warranty
  • Made specifically for American customers.


  • It needs to work for almost 24 hours.
  • Draws quite a bit of power.
  • Not suitable for those who want just a cup of coffee as and when they desire.

7. Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX95-10-Cup Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker, SS

This is one of the few coffee filters with a removable water reservoir. It also has a few more exciting features and we are sharing a few of them so that our readers are able to get a better idea about the machine.

Main Features

  • Removable filter basket lift out.
  • It is perfectly suited for those who are looking for convenient filling and cleaning.
  • Totally dishwasher proof
  • The unique water filtration ensures removal of 97% of chlorine.
  • This leads to better tasting coffee.
  • The high quality SS thermal carafe helps to keep coffee hot.
  • Has a unique auto pause mode that helps to brew an urgent cup of coffee before the entire brewing process has been completed.
  • The special 1300 watt cleaning cycle helps in ensuring taste and performance.
  • Has a generous cord length of 30 inches.


  • 2 hour auto shut off feature.
  • Unique pause and serve feature.
  • Carafe made from quality stainless steel (keeps coffee hot and fresh)
  • Charcoal filter removes 97% of chlorine.
  • Great looking and ergonomics
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • The thing leaks and regular fixing is required
  • Better customer services would be welcome.
  • Otherwise a good coffee making machine.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying the Best Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser (Buyers Guide)

Here are some common things that you must keep in mind when buying a coffee maker that comes attached with a hot water dispenser.


Your budget is the first thing you must bear in mind when buying a coffee maker. They are available in different price ranges and therefore you must have a fix on your budget.

Brew Size

The size of the brew, the number of cups you will be brewing each time are factors to keep in mind before you start looking out for the right hot water dispenser of course with built-in dispenser.

Automatic On and Off Timer

If you are a buy husband-wife team, it would be better to look for a machine that has auto timer features. This will enable the machine to switch on and switch off at a time that is convenient to you.

Right Size

These coffee making machines come in different sizes and capacities. You should choose the one that suits your specific needs and requirements.

Go For Branded Ones

Always go in for branded ones. There are some low priced unbranded coffee makers that come with an unbelievably attractive price tag. You should rather stick to branded ones though you may initially have to pay something higher.

Cleaning Process

Please make sure that the cleaning process is easy and you should not be spending hours at length cleaning the dispensers and also the coffee making machines.

Pros and Cons of Coffee Makers with Hot Water Dispenser

How to Pick the Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser in 2021

There is no denying the fact that many homes are going in for coffee makers with hot water dispensers. However, it would be useful if the readers had some knowledge about the pros and cons of using a coffee maker with hot water dispenser. We are happy to list down the main advantages of having such a device in your home or office.

Main Advantages

  • Makes coffee making simple and easy. When you buy the right coffee maker with an inbuilt hot water dispenser, you can sit and relax while the machine brews you the perfect coffee.
  • You can pre-set the timings and therefore you can get a coffee as and when required. Most of these coffee makers come with 24 hour advance pre-setting facility.
  • They come with auto on and off facility.
  • You can choose the strength of the brew.
  • Suitable when you have visitors in your home and you need a few cups of coffee immediately.
  • They are good looking and easy to maintain.
  • They of course offer very good value for money

Main Shortcomings

  • Leakage of the water tube
  • Overflowing of ground coffee
  • It May not be cost-effective for those who just need a single-serve cup of coffee.
  • Maintenance and upkeep could be a headache.

Which is the Best Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser to buy?

How to Pick the Best coffee maker with hot water dispenser in 2021

We have seen different types of coffee makers that come with hot dispenser. Each one is unique in its own way. However, when we have a closer look at each one of them, there is one make and model that stands out.

It is the Keurig Coffee Maker, Single Serve Coffee, Cappuccino, and Latte machine. This is because of some obvious reasons and we are listing down a few reasons as to why it could be the best buy.

This is a complete and total solution for those who are busy and have little time for making coffee. It is perfectly suited for families and is one of the few that can brew both Latino as well as Cappuccino coffees.

It also comes with a unique milk frothing capability that helps you to make that great looking and great tasting coffee with milk frothing over. It also is compatible with all types of K-Cup Pods.

Further, the charcoal feature that is inbuilt helps to remove a large portion of impurities from the water, and therefore you get coffee that is pure and free from harmful particles. It is great looking, ergonomic, and offers good value for money.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Cuisinart CHW-16 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker & Hot Water System New Black
  • Drip Coffeemaker: 12-cup glass carafe - Fully automatic with 24-hour...
  • 1- to 4-cup setting and adjustable auto shutoff (0–4 hours)
  • Adjustable keep warm temperature control - Brew Pause feature
  • Gold tone, commercial-style permanent filter - Charcoal water filter
Bestseller No. 2
Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Drip Maker with Glass Carafe, Single-Serve Grounds, compatible with K-Cup pods, with 4 Brew Styles, Frother & Separate Hot Water System, Black
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping...
  • DUAL COFFEE MAKER: Grounds and pods coffee system with 9 grounds brew sizes...
  • 4 BREW STYLES: Select Classic, Rich, Over Ice or Specialty for your grounds...
  • SPECIALTY BREWS: Brew a super-rich coffee concentrate that you can use to...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Coffee Urn and Hot Beverage Dispenser, Silver
  • FAST BREWING — The coffee urn takes just 1 minute to brew each cup of...
  • MAKES 15-45 CUPS — From family reunions to parties; this coffee dispenser...
  • TWO-WAY DISPENSING — Push the easy-press lever one way for a single cup...
  • READY LIGHT: The ready light on this large coffee maker illuminates when...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Cuisinart Coffee Maker, 12-Cup Glass Carafe, Automatic Hot & Iced Coffee Maker, Single Server Brewer, Stainless Steel, SS-16
  • SINGLE-SERVE: Enjoy five serving sizes – 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 8 ounces, 10...
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTIONALITY: The Extreme Brew features delivers coffee up to 25%...
  • CARAFE BREWER: Serve up to 12 cups of coffee at once with our glass carafe...
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Our 12-cup coffee brewer allows you to control your...
Bestseller No. 6
Elite Gourmet CCM040 Stainless Steel 40 Cup Coffee Urn Removable Filter For Easy Cleanup, Two Way Dispenser with Cool-Touch Handles Electric Coffee Maker Urn, Stainless Steel
  • BREWS ENOUGH FOR A CROWD: Makes 20 to 40 cups of hot, fresh coffee, perfect...
  • CONVENIENT 2-WAY DISPENSING: Allows guests to fill one single cup with a...
  • WATER LEVEL MARKINGS: Makes it easy to measure and fill the coffee brewer...
  • BEAUTIFUL BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL interior with easy-to-read water level...
Bestseller No. 7
Hamilton Beach One Press Programmable Dispensing Drip Coffee Maker with 12 Cup Internal Brew Pot, Water Reservoir, Black and Silver (47950)
  • FRESH FLAVOR LONGER WITHOUT THE CARAFE: This coffee maker replaces the...
  • NO MORE SCORCHED OR BURNED COFFEE: The Hamilton Beach coffee maker's...
  • EASY TO FILL WITH REMOVABLE WATER RESERVOIR: The water reservoir removes...
Bestseller No. 8
85 oz (2.5L) Coffee Carafe with Pump, Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Dispenser, Coffee Carafes for Keeping Hot/Cold, Hot Beverage Dispenser for Party
  • KEEP BEVERAGES HOT OR COLD FOR UP TO 20 HOURS - with this sleek and stylish...
  • DISPENSES EASILY AND QUICKLY - with the pump-action top. Just press down on...
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION, WIDE-MOUTH TOP - Made from beautiful brushed...
  • VALUABLE BONUS - A free cleaning brush is included with your purchase. This...
SaleBestseller No. 9
Zulay Commercial Coffee Urn - 50 Cup Fast Brew Stainless Steel Hot Beverage Dispenser - BPA-Free Commercial Coffee Maker - Hot Water Urn for Catering - Easy Two Way Dispensing - Hot Drink Dispenser
  • A CERTIFIED CROWD PLEASER: Serving a quick freshly brewed coffee for a...
  • HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN: Constructed with double-wall insulator with a 0.41mm...
  • 50 COFFEE CUP CAPACITY: If you regularly make coffee for large groups of...
  • IDEAL FOR LARGE GATHERINGS: This economical thermal urn is best suited for...
Bestseller No. 10
Elite Gourmet CCM-035 Maxi-Matic 30 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Urn Removable Filter For Easy Cleanup, Two Way Dispenser with Cool-Touch Handles Electric Coffee Maker Urn, Stainless Steel
  • BREWS ENOUGH FOR A CROWD: Makes 15 to 30 cups of hot, fresh coffee, perfect...
  • CONVENIENT 2-WAY DISPENSING: Allows guests to fill one single cup with a...
  • COFFEE LEVEL WINDOW: Makes it easy to gauge how much coffee is left and...
  • BEAUTIFUL BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL interior with easy-to-read water level...


There is nothing more invigorating and freshening than a hot cup of coffee that is brewed exactly as per your requirement. We are sure that the above seven models would have given the readers a better insight into the various aspects to be considered before buying a coffee maker. It would always be better to go for a coffee maker that has a hot water dispenser inbuilt because of the advantages mentioned above.

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