What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

Select the best coffee Brands for cold brew

If you want to reduce the anxiety, irritation, and frustration those hot summer days cause you need to make some cold brew iced coffee. However, the problem is in finding the best coffee brand for cold brew because there are so many of them.

And if you go out and do experiments with each, your money and the whole summer will be wasted in just testing them all.

Therefore, to help you get the finest ones, we will provide you with a list of best cold brew coffee brands and the best flavors they have. Moreover, we’ll also discuss how to make iced coffee at your home and what the best roast for cold brew should be along with many other things. So make sure stick to this guide until the very end and make your summers cold and energetic:

What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?
What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

What About cold brew coffee?

You can easily make your own iced coffee at home using a few different methods, but the one most liked by many is the cold brew method. Not only is it pretty straight forward if you follow the instructions correctly, but you can also make one hell of a cold coffee right from your kitchen.

The process is pretty simple, and you just need to add ground coffee in cold water, let it steep in the fridge for the night and then strain it to get a concentrated cold brew iced coffee. Now, if you want to dilute it, you can add more water to it.

The best part is that it is less acidic or bitter, tastes great, and can be stored for 1-2 weeks. So you can just make a big batch and enjoy the chilled coffee for half a month.

How to cold brew coffee?

This cold brew coffee recipe is for a mason jar having a wide mouth of 1-quart. The end result will be two and a half cups of concentrated cold coffee, so you can add up to two and a half cups of water to dilute it.


  • 85 grams of coffee beans (coarsely ground)
  • 3 cups of water (filtered water is preferred)

Steps to Follow:

  • To make the best coffee brands for cold brew, you need to add water and coffee in the Mason jar and stir to mix them properly. Let it rest for a few minutes and then stir the mixture again to provide grounds with more water exposure.
  • Now cover the jar with a lid and let it sit for 12 to 18 hours in the fridge.
  • When it’s time to strain it, get a thin paper filter and put it over the fine mesh sieve. Now pour the mixture through this sieve into a cup or pitcher. Let it stay in this position for a while to allow the remaining coffee to trickle down.
  • Now when you want to drink it, put some ice in a glass, fill half of it with water, and a half with the concentrate of cold coffee you have brewed to dilute it, stir to mix and enjoy.

Cold-brew coffee grounds to water ratio grams:

Even if you have achieved the best roast for cold brew, if the ratio of water to coffee beans is not right, you might end up getting the taste you didn’t want. So for one cup of water, we suggest you add one ounce of coarsely ground coffee, which is around a quarter cup of whole coffee beans.

If you follow the metric system, then it will be 28 grams of coarsely ground coffee for one cup of water. After you are done brewing, you will have concentrated coffee, which you will dilute with some more water depending on your taste preference.

How to select the best cold brew coffee grounds?

What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

Even if you get the best coffee brand for cold brew, if it is dark roasted, it can destroy some of the notes of beans because of the long steeping time of cold brew. So the reason why best roast for cold brew is light roast is that more acidic light roast retains the fruity, citrusy, and herbal notes of the beans.

Furthermore, the quantity of cold brew coffee beans is important to keep in mind when brewing because you will have to make a concentrated liquid, which you will have to dilute by adding more water.

So for that, you will need a higher quantity of cold brew coffee beans. Therefore, if your pocket is a bit tight, we suggest you go for more affordable cold brew coffee brands.

Bestseller No. 1
Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee | Smooth & Sweet Blend | Coarse Ground Coffee | 1 LB
  • ENGINEERED FOR COLD BREW - Coarse ground coffee optimized for cold brewing...
  • BREW YOUR WAY - Brew your cold brew how you would like. Add more water for...
  • 100% ORGANIC - USDA Organic, ethically sourced coffee from Guatemala, Peru,...
  • SMOOTH AND SWEET - Arabica beans roasted light, medium, and dark for a...
Bestseller No. 2
Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve, Coarse Ground, 1 LB Bag, Dark Roast, Colombian Single Origin
  • CRAFTED FOR COLD BREWING - The perfect blend for making your own cold brew...
  • ROAST LEVEL - Dark Roasted for a bold, yet perfectly smooth cup of cold...
  • COARSE GROUND - 100% Colombian Supremo beans are freshly roasted & coarsely...
  • 1 LB BAG - Our 3-Layer natural kraft resealable foil bag ensures top...
Bestseller No. 3
Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle, 1 Quart
  • THE NEW DELUXE cold brew coffee maker is a durable BPA-Free Tritan pitcher...
  • THE FINE-MESH COFFEE FILTER in this cold brew coffee maker keeps grounds...
  • PREMIUM BOTTLES AND LIDS: Our innovative line of insulated hydration...
  • BPA FREE HYDRATION SOLUTIONS: From insulated stainless steel water bottles...
Bestseller No. 4
High Brew Cold Brew Coffee - Black & Bold, 8 Ounce (12 Count)
  • BOLD & DAIRY FREE: This simple & straightforward black coffee is...
  • GRAB & GO COFFEE: Rise above the daily grind with High Brew, the perfect...
  • BETTER NOT BITTER: Cold brewing is a simpler process, yielding a coffee...
  • A HIGHER STANDARD: Our 100% Direct Trade Arabica beans are cold-brewed,...
Bestseller No. 5
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee — Signature Black — Pitcher Packs — 3 boxes (makes 6 pitchers total)
  • COLD BREW COFFEE: The super-smooth and delicious Starbucks cold brew coffee...
  • PERFECTLY DELICIOUS: Our medium-roast Starbucks Signature Black Cold Brew...
  • IT'S EASY: Drop 2 packs in water for 20–24 hours for a bold, super-smooth...
  • CONTAINS: Contains 3 boxes with 4 pitcher packets each to make a total of 6...
Bestseller No. 6
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee, Black Unsweetened, 11 oz Glass Bottles, 6 Count
  • Starbucks Cold Brew coffee
  • Brewed and steeped cold from a custom blend of beans for a smoother flavor
  • Black unsweetened flavor
  • Perfect for enjoying at home, work, or on the go
Bestseller No. 7
Wandering Bear Organic Cold Brew Coffee On Tap, Straight Black, No Sugar, Always Fresh and Ready to Drink, Not a Concentrate, 96 fl oz
  • SHELF-STABLE: Can be stored at room temperature, but recommend enjoying...
  • READY TO DRINK: Cold brew on demand - on tap in your fridge, ready when you...
  • COFFEE ON TAP: Our unique packaging keeps your cold brew fresh even after...
  • HEALTHY: No sugar, no unnecessary ingredients, all organic - just Fair...
Bestseller No. 8
Tiny Footprint Coffee - Organic Cold Brew Cold Press Elixir | Ground Coffee | USDA Organic | Carbon Negative | 16 Ounce
  • The world's first carbon negative coffee: For every pound that’s sold, we...
  • GROUND COFFEE: 100% Organic Shade-Grown Arabica Coffee
  • A blend crafted perfectly for cold brew -- our Cold Press Elixir is a mix...
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet, silky richness with subtle bright fruit and floral...
SaleBestseller No. 9
Grady's Cold Brew Iced Coffee Cold Brew Kit, Regular (Pack of 12), Unsweetened, Keto-Friendly, Non GMO, 1 Pound
  • Super easy Brew-It-Yourself cold brew coffee
  • Each reusable Pour And Store Pouch makes 36 cups of cold brew/iced coffee
  • Cold Brew your coffee right in the refrigerator
  • Just add water - Brew directly in reusable Pour And Store Pouch
Bestseller No. 10
STONE COLD JO: 2 lb, Cold Brew Coffee Blend, Dark Roast, Coarse Ground Organic Coffee, Silky, Smooth, Low Acidity, USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, NON-GMO, Great French Press Hot Brew
  • SAVE MONEY! Stone Cold Jo is also available in a 2 lb bag with a lower...
  • Coffee makes people happy! With many thousands of satisfied Amazon coffee...
  • Jo Coffee is proud to offer USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified...

How to make cold brew coffee concentrate?

The process of making concentrated cold brew coffee is simple, and we have already talked about it above. However, to help you understand the process for just making concentrated coffee, we have outlined some steps below:

  • Put 85 grams of coarsely ground coffee in a mason jar and add three cups of filtered water in it. Now stir thoroughly to let the water soak all flavor of the coffee.
  • Once done, let it refrigerate for at least 12 hours.
  • Now just place a paper filter in a steel mesh sieve, put it on top of a pitcher, and pour the mixture over it. You will get your concentrated cold brew coffee.

Where to buy the best coffee beans for cold brew?

If you want to experience the taste of best coffee brand for cold brew but don’t know where to get the cream of the crop, then we have suggested some of the best cold brew coffee brands below:

Stone street cold brew coffee

If you want the best coffee for cold brew in terms of low acidity and well-balanced yet bold flavor, Stone Street is your go-to brand. However, only get it if you prefer dark roasted coffee.

What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try? What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

Tiny Footprint Coffee -Organic Cold Brew Cold Press

The best roast for cold brew is a mixture of light and dark for many, and Tiny Footprint offers just that. You will definitely enjoy its sweet and fruity tones.

What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try? What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

Cafe Du Monde Coffee Chicory

One of the best cold brew coffee brands serving commercial iced coffee at their own cafes as well in New Orleans. Their beans have a bold taste and soothing aroma that will touch your soul.

What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?
What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

Hazelnut Cold Brew Iced Coffee – Cold Buzz Coffee Bean

Drinking chill hazelnut flavor iced coffee by Cold Buzz in those scorching summers will help your body cool down. They offer five pre-portioned bags in one pack, and each bag can make up to two cups.

What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try? What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

Peet’s Coffee Big Bang Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

They sell the best coffee for cold brew when it comes to getting freshly roasted beans with a medium roast that preserves the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try? What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee, Black Unsweetened

Get already-brewed cold coffee directly from Starbucks. The smooth black unsweetened flavor will be a perfect treat for your tastebuds. It comes with six glass bottles of 11oz each.

What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try? What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

Can you use regular ground coffee for cold brew?

What is the best coffee Brands for cold brew You Have to Try?

Sometimes you just don’t find it in you to go to the market and get the best coffee for cold brew, so you wonder if you can use the regular one (finely ground) available at your home. Well, the good thing is; yes, you can! However, it will be difficult to over-extract the fine grounds into the water while brewing.

You can solve this issue by tasting the mixture every three to four hours until you find it according to your preference. Now when you achieve the desired taste, the next problem will be filtering the small particles of finely ground coffee.

So for that, we suggest you try both the paper filter and fine mesh filter and see which one works for you.

Can you use flavored coffee for cold brew?

Yes, you can! Almost any flavor that you can use with the hot coffee, you can use with the cold brew coffee as well. From creamers to syrups, you can use any of them as long as they don’t kill the taste of your cold coffee.

If you want your coffees to have the natural flavor of something, let’s say spice and vanilla, then you can also store the whole beans in a spice jar with some cinnamon sticks, cardamoms, and 1-2 beans of vanilla. So when you finally brew it, you will have the flavor and aroma of these ingredients.

What is the best cold brew coffee maker?

If you want to make the best coffee for cold brew, you need the best cold brew coffee maker to make things easier for you. So to help you find the most value for your investment in one, we have shortlisted some of the finest ones below:

Bestseller No. 1
Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker with 6 Brew Sizes, 5 Brew Styles, Frother, Coffee & Tea Baskets with Thermal Carafe (CP307)
  • Coffee and tea brew settings: Brewing technology offers an array of coffee...
  • Cold brew coffee and tea: Brew over ice at a lower temperature for smooth,...
  • Smart basket recognition: System recognizes basket and displays coffee or...
  • Separate coffee and tea baskets: Brew coffee or loose or bagged tea to keep...
SaleBestseller No. 2
BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker with glass carafe, Black
  • 12-cup coffeemaker with soft-touch digital control panel
  • Programmable clock/timer; auto-brew option; "on" indicator light
  • Brew-pause function; nonstick warming plate; 2-hour auto shut-off for...
  • Water-level indicator; glass carafe and removable filter basket included....

What beans does Starbucks use for cold brew?

You might have tried several commercial cold brew coffee brands, and you have fallen in love with Starbucks, and now you want to make one like that at your home but done know which cold brew coffee beans to use, right?

Well, you should know that Starbucks doesn’t disclose its recipe or the beans it uses for obvious reasons. However, they do tell that they use Arabica beans that come from Latin America and Africa.

So if you want to replicate the taste of Starbucks, you might want to get a blend of Colombian or Guatemalan cold brew coffee beans with Ethiopian or Kenyan beans to get the Arabica-African flavor that made Starbucks famous.

Final thoughts:

Getting the best coffee brands for cold brew is not the only thing you need to worry about; it should have the best roast for cold brew as well, which we suggest should be light to medium.

Furthermore, the recipe we have mentioned above should be followed carefully, and for the best results, we suggest you use coarsely ground coffee beans. If you keep these things in mind, your summers will be well spent with a pitcher of cold brew iced coffee in your hand.

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