How to Find the Best Camping Coffee Maker for Outdoor Activities?

How to Find the Best Camping Coffee Maker for Outdoor and traveling

If you are planning a camping trip and are wondering how you will get your daily dose of caffeine, then don’t worry! We have made the list of best camping coffee maker that will allow you to brew fresh coffee no matter where you are. 

Furthermore, we have also provided valuable information regarding how you can brew the coffee using a portable coffee maker and much more. So stick to this guide till the end and enjoy a coffee while camping, hiking or travelling with great convenience.

Well, that mostly depends on how much you love coffee, and if you can survive without it or not!

If you truly love coffee, then you need to bring a portable coffee maker with you whenever you travel. Some reason to bring it with you are:

  • You can make your own coffee as per your taste preferences
  • The lightweight, portable coffee makers, can easily fit in your bag or backpack
  • They make coffee without any hassle of lighting a fire
  • The insulation feature of portable coffee makers keep your coffee warm so you can drink if even after hours
  • You are not dependent on anyone, make your coffee whenever and wherever you want

How to Make Coffee While Camping?

The 4 Best coffee methods for camping

  • Take your drip camping coffee maker and sit it over the camping stove
  • Pour water into its reservoir
  • Open the basket of the front filter and add enough coffee grounds according to your need
  • Now heat up the water by turning on the camping stove and then wait around ten minutes for the coffee to brew

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Camping Coffee Brewer

How to Find the Best Camping Coffee Maker for Outdoor Activities?
  • Compact size is very important; it allows you to freely take the coffee maker with you
  • Make sure it is very light in weight because it allows you to easily carry the coffee maker in your backpack
  • Make sure it can keep the coffee hot for long hours
  • If you have a camping stove, getting gas grill coffee maker is best
  • Make sure its water reservoir has enough capacity to make coffee according to your travelling needs

10 Best Portable Coffee Makers for Travel and Camping:

Looking for the best camping coffee maker? Well, you should try out this one by Coleman. Its steel base made to work with the traditional camp stoves allowing you to get your daily fix of coffee even when you are a hundred miles away from your kitchen’s coffee maker.

The Coleman camping coffee maker comes with an easy to fill reservoir due to its large opening allowing you to easily make coffee at your campsite. Some features are:

  • Easy to fit over a camping stove
  • The large carafe of glass can hold up to 10 cups
  • Pause & Serve feature allows easy pour
  • The base is made of steel
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Those who love tiny but highly beneficial gadgets will definitely love this portable coffee maker by WACACO. This nanopresso makes great especially when you are travelling or going camping and the best part is that this small espresso maker is designed in a way that it can hold up to 80ml water. 

This allows you to easily get your caffeine fix for the day. Some of its features are:

  • Features a patented system of pump that doesn’t need electricity
  • Creates 261 PSI of pressure
  • Works best with every variety of coffee grounds
  • Very small and lightweight
  • Comes with a heat sink pattern that protects your hands

A very modern looking coffee maker that you can take with you on camping! CHULUX Portable Coffee Maker has a single cup design that is perfect for your regular caffeine needs when on camping. 

Furthermore, it fits virtually all coffee capsules which means you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong capsule. Moreover, you can use your own ground coffee and make a coffee that you prefer to drink. Some of the features are:

  • Operates with just a touch
  • Also has automatic on/off feature
  • The small size allows easy portability
  • 12oz capacity of the water tank
  • Features a removable drip tray
  • 1-year warranty

When it comes to portability, Coleman is not far behind in the list, in fact, it is a choice of many! Not only it is just great for camping but its compact size allows it to be very useful for tailgating, hunting and camping. Furthermore, its push-button ignition features matchless lighting making it easy to just brew your coffee and not worry about going through all the hassle. Some of its main features are:

  • Very compact size
  • Matchless lighting
  • Consistently brew in extreme temperature
  • The glass carafe has 10 cup capacity
  • The filter basket is removable and dishwasher-safe

Do you love a camping coffee brewer that has an old-school look to it? Well this one by nCamp is what you should opt for. This camping coffee pot is fully stainless steel with very solid construction and the size is very compact allowing easy carrying of the camping coffee brewer. Furthermore, it has silicone grip handles that keep your hands cool when the cup is extremely hot. Some of the key features are:

  • Brews coffee in espresso-style in just minutes
  • Classic Moka pot inspired design
  • Very user-friendly and compact
  • Size is near to water bottle
  • Has a nestling cup that has silicone wrap

Another best camping coffee maker by Wacaco that allows an insane level of portability because of its compact design and very lightweight. 

The Minipresso combines user-friendly design and brewing convenience in a small, portable machine allowing people to go camping, hiking or on other outdoor activities and still get their fresh caffeine fix. Some of its prominent features are:

  • Lightest and smallest handheld machine
  • Leverages semi-auto piston to get optimal extraction
  • No need for cartridges or electricity
  • The cap of the minipresso can be used as a cup
  • Different water tank capacities are available

If you are more towards the minimalism side and want to get something for your travelling needs that is compact, lightweight and also very simple in design and usage then this one by Espro is the perfect option. It’s beautiful and vibrant colors make it highly aesthetically pleasing while keeping it very simple.

 Furthermore. Its exclusive double micro-filter provides users with rich-tasting coffee without much hassle. Some features are:

  • Double-walled steel body keeps coffee hot for hours
  • Stainless steel design ensures it doesn’t break or leak
  • The patented filter allows brewing of rich flavor coffee
  • The extraction immediately stops after pressing
  • Brews 10oz of coffee and can hold 15oz

Are you one of the heroes of our world who care about the health of its environment? Well then this Environmentally-friendly portable coffee maker is just for you! 

The personal coffee maker has a permanent filter that helps you not only save money but also cut out waste. Furthermore, it has a size that is just perfect for every kind of travelling needs. Some features are:

  • Comes with a permanent filter
  • Its travel mug fits most of the cup holder
  • Made using highly durable plastic
  • Very small and lightweight
  • Includes travel mug, internal filter, holding the basket and a lid

One of the best and simplest manual coffee makers is this one by Kitchen Gizmo that provides a rich taste in coffee brewed using K-cup. Whether you are making tea, cocoa or coffee, getting most of the flavor in your drink is the specialty of this camping coffee brewer. Some of its features are:

  • Makes servings ranging from 6 to 10 ounces.
  • Very convenient to use and easy to set up
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

Keurig is a top name when it comes to getting the coffee brewing machines. One of many things that Keurig is known for is its camping coffee brewer that has a 14oz insulated coffee mug that brews rich tasting coffee in minutes. There are tons of exciting things to consider about this one and one is that it can keep your drinks hot for over 5 hours. Some features are:

  • Comes with an easy to clean lid
  • Stainless steel wall that is vacuum insulated
  • Keeps coffee fresh for 5 hours when hot
  • Spill and leak-proof design
  • 14oz capacity

How does a camping coffee maker percolator work?

It is very simple, what happens is that when the camping coffee percolator boils the water, the water goes upward through the tube and above the perforated basket. There, the water rains down at the grounds of coffee and then back in the boiling water.

The repetition of this process takes the flavor and taste of coffee grounds back into the water several times until it turns into the coffee.

The secret to making perfect coffee in a camping coffee percolator?

  • Arrange wood for the fire and then light them
  • Let them turn to coal and then make a coal fire from them
  • Make space for the camping coffee percolator in the center of the coals
  • Fill the camping coffee percolator with six to eight ounces of water for each cup of coffee
  • Add coarse ground coffee in the brewing basket
  • Put the basket on top of the percolator and secure with lid
  • Now just allow the water to heat up and keep monitoring your percolator
  • After a while the water will start to boil and it will start to percolate towards the top, you can see this from the bubble spot
  • Let it percolate for around 10 to 15 minutes and the color of the water in bubble spot will get darker
  • Now just pour it and enjoy

Final Words:

Having the luxury of making your own coffee while travelling or camping is a great thing to have. 

You will be dependent on anyone and you will also not have to worry about spending time without fresh coffee. 

Just take the best coffee camping coffee maker from the list we have provided with you on a camping trip and enjoy freshly brewed coffee whenever you want.

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